1. achen52:

    Week 15

    HanChum, Korean traditional dance team

  2. achen52:

    Week 12

    Dragon Day 2014

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  4. cornellsunphoto:

    The Flaming Lips performed at Barton Hall last weekend. Read the article here.

    Photos by Shailee Shah / Sun Photography Editor

  5. ohmyasian:

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    2785. Youtiao, Curry Puff, Tau Huay (beancurd), Soya Bean Milk. All the nom nom nom breakfast foods!

    The food of my peoples

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  6. Best unboxing video I’ve seen.

  7. harvest:

    Harvest customer Mohammed got one of our limited edition QA t-shirts (sorry, they’re all gone now!), and he wrote us: “I have many T-shirts from different organisations, but the one I got from you is the only one that I actually wear and love :)” 

    I love my Harvest QA shirt. Favorite software company shirt (and most comfortable!)

  8. fishingboatproceeds:

    Happy 88th birthday to the Great American Novel.


  9. lalalere:

    i was cleaning my room when i found a red pocket from a couple years ago


    i opened it up to see how much money was inside


    okay $10 and ¥100 and whoa is that $100??? dad you shouldn’t have


    goddammit dad

    This is the best, I’m saving this for any future kids

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  10. the struggle

    my life

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